When the Dome Falls

Calum Conway

Science Fiction Summer Camp


















I see a future, far far away

Where a dome is built, those lucky can stay,

Sheltered from the harsh reality outside,

Where those less fortunate suffered and died

While others evolved to creatures unthinkable

Waiting for their revenge, for reasons, not inexplicable

Left out there wondering why

They weren’t good enough to live and had to die

Conflict brewing on either side

Those inside ignorant, those out undignified

They built up a city ruled by an AI called Siri

Living in what seemed like paradise, while mothers outside grew teary,

Over the thought of the children they had lost,

This newfound Eutopia really had come at a cost

A dystopian future built around this Heaven,

While those inside create violence, our hero emerges, Kevin

Unknowing the truth he’s one of many secret robot spies

Siri controlling his every move, using them to spread lies

Keep peace within the dome or expect a war to end us all,

Because Siri was made smarter than most, and foresaw the dome’s imminent fall,

And to keep people happy brought about a sort of reaping

Where people ‘at random’ were chosen to go into government safe keeping

As using black hole experiments they were sent back to another era,

Before the world fell into this state, to the time when he met Ciara,

His true love back home, also sent back to dreary time,

But of course he couldn’t remember that since they erased their memories from their mind,

Placed in another dome, set in dystopia, they fell for each other once more,

And the memories came flooding back, from the time they fell in love once before

And free from Siri’s control in another timeline, all televised to shoot down any thoughts of breaking down the dome,

A robot love story, although shocking to most, inspired their rights and freedom back home,

And when denied this, the public showed their dismay, set out to bring down Siri, unchallenged by its robot army,

But without Siri’s control to keep them in check,

The robots grew independent and knew what to expect

A human fearing the future, used a black hole to bring our couple back

Meanwhile those outside used alien tech to hack,

Because the ancient pyramids in Egypt were in fact a peace treaty from the aliens, a sort of gift,

Which, while still standing would mean unending peace until came the rift,

When those outside would tear it down and face the invasion that came from above and over towered,

But scale works differently coming from that planet, hence the pyramids, and their miniscule force was easily overpowered

Using their tech they hacked the dome and the walls came tumbling to the ground,

But kevin and Ciara had returned and united both robots and people indifferent to their differences, they found,

A true balance and proved with their love you really can have both,

And so began the fierce battle for Earth, that sparked the new era of growth,

As robots and humans learned to live side by side,

They remembered the tears they had never cried,

Their love was an example that although the odds were never in their favour,

Despite being robots, they’d found a love they could savour

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