The Three Brothers

Allen Ranjeevan

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Once upon a time there were three brothers- Jones, James and Jacob, but they were unlike others, they had special spirits in them to help them. Luckily, they were humble and brave men. People knew about these three brothers, but, didn’t know what their full potential was. All three of them could fuse and turn into one creature that they all represent – a Phoenix. But sadly, the brothers could not live forever, though their magic lived through the generations until it reached another three brothers once again. Alas they were not together as the third one was separated at birth and there were left two brothers- Eral and Jack- and they were left to fight life and find their long lost brother by themselves.


Jack, the master of his sword of Fulgur, Eral the master of Gladios of light and their brother Oliver- they don’t know what he can do, where he is or anything about him.


“Everything is going crazy, all these people are so evil but then the next day they wake up to be casual. WHAT IS THIS?!” said the news reporter man. “It’s the box of Kako,” said Eral. “The what of what?” said Jack. “KAKO, it’s an ancient mind controlling box. It can find things about you that you don’t know about, it mind controls and messes up your brain,” replied Eral. “You know what that means,” says Jack excitedly. “No Jack.” “We can’t defeat it without Oliver. “Why can’t we go now then?” “I don’t know, JACK, maybe because we have no clue were he is? It’s two am and you’re watching tv, now PLEASE go to sleep!” replied Eral angrily. “…Sorry…I…,” said Jack sadly.


Suddenly the flames of the fire place arose and emerged into a blurry figure as it started to speak, “You must find the third as he is the only way, go to the Sape Mountain and seek your missing piece. For every minute the Kako is getting stronger, don’t forget that the ribbon of Kako is no less important.”


“Come on get up, Jack.”


Step by step they made it closer to the mountain.


As they both heard crackling noises seeming to be from a fire, they couldn’t believe their ears, it had to be Oliver or their imagination, but whatever it was, they had to find out. They both approached the fire gently as there had to be someone there for this fire to start.


Thud! They were pinned to the wall by a masked figure.


“Eral, Jack!” the figure stuttered.


“OLIVER!” they both screamed with excitement.


Twenty minutes later they were all talking about Kako behind the blazing fire.


“I have the sword of Fulger, and Eral here, he’s got the Gladios of light, and you?” “Oh, me, well I have the Spax of fire, it’s a sword.


“We should really get going,” said Eral as the rest packed up to follow. “Time to recycle that box,” said Jack. “That was lame,” giggled Oliver. “Come on,” said Eral desperately. “See Eral? Now we never have to fight for the third muffin,” said Jack. “Seriously whatever, wait, where are we going?” said Eral confused. “I know, well I don’t know but my mind takes me where I must go,” replied Oliver. “Whoa!” answered Jack.


The quest had begun.







They reached their destination as they saw Kako, but confusingly not one, not two but many just appearing. “I know what to do,” said Eral, very majestically as he swooped in to the place swinging his sword left and right at each box, but no use, they kept duplicating. “The real one is deep in the building,” said Oliver. “But how do we get through the box things?” said Jack. “Right, listen hold my hand and close your eyes thinking about the box,” said Oliver as the rest followed the clear instructions. Soon they were all looking like the duplicates of Kako. “Okay, let’s move,” said Eral.

“Hey, I wanted to say that,” said Jack. “Shhh!” Oliver replied as a solution to the the fuss.

They were in, but they didn’t exactly know how strong the box was. All three of them struck at Kako, Jack unleashing his thunder and beside him Oliver and Eral striking their swords. The next thing they know is they were tied up together. They were with another person who was getting mind controlled and was acting crazy.


“On the count of three I want you to fuse to Floga (the phoenix),” whispered Oliver. “The what?” whispered Eral and Jack confused. “Our represented creature,” whispered Oliver. “1…2……3”.


“SHSSHZING!” An immense amount of light shone from them as the belt and the metal hand-hold keeping them together disintegrated as the majestic Phoenix came scouring through everyone and landed right in front of Kako.


The phoenix was ten feet tall and was furry with furious glazing eyes. It had a fire, light and thunder sword of its own. It stared at Kako furiously.


The phoenix came at Kako with all its might striking its mighty sword against Kako.


There was a giant explosion. “KABLOOOWEEE!” screamed Jack. “That’s only in comics,” replied Eral.


It was just the three brothers and the ribbon of Kako. Eral jumped straight in and grabbed the ribbon and sealed it with a special safe.


They laughed on home talking about their victory, not knowing that their adventure will never end.

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