The Creators’ Rebellion

Anna Rzanek

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We all love fairy tales. Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty. Most people know about the Twilight series. We have all heard of talking animals or witches. What if I told you, all these fictional stories and films you’ve seen, all the creatures featured in them, are actually real? Yes, you read that right. All the supernatural creatures you have read about in books and seen on television are real. Vampires, fairies, werewolves, mermaids, you name it, they all actually exist. If you find that shocking or scary, then brace yourself, because there’s more. You probably walk past one of these creatures, a couple times a day. Honestly, you have probably spoken to one, without even knowing it. These creatures don’t usually attack humans, even if they really want to. The only reason they don’t attack humans, is because of me. Well, not just me, but I do play a big part. The one thing keeping humans safe from all the ‘monsters’, are creatures called Guardians. Guardians are probably the most powerful of all ‘magical’ entities. Because of this, it was decided eons ago, that Guardians would be the rulers of the supernatural world. We keep the peace between supernatural beings and protect humans from them.

There are different types of Guardians and each Guardian possesses a unique ability, which is usually passed down from generation to generation. You are probably wondering who I am and what I have to do with all of this. My name is Kendra Wansil, I’m 17 years old and I’m a Light Guardian, which means I can create and bend light with my abilities. I am also the Queen of Guardians, which really makes me the Queen of the supernatural world. Crazy, right?

My mother and father, who ruled before me, passed away about a year ago and because of that, I had to take over the throne at a young age. I was overwhelmed at first; grieving for my parents, adjusting to my new role in the  supernatural world and learning all the skills necessary, in a very short amount of time. But it didn’t take long before I adjusted to the whole situation. Here, in the supernatural world, death is a regular thing so I didn’t mourn my parents for too long. Losing them made me stronger because I had something to fight for.

Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility. I was standing at a mirror beside my wardrobe in my colossal bedroom (one of many in the palace I lived in), taking a final look at myself, before I had to give an important announcement to the Guardian aristocracy and representatives of all supernatural beings. I wasn’t very tall. I definitely didn’t look fierce, strong or anything you would expect the Queen of Guardians, Protector of the Balance, to look like. But looks were deceiving. I was becoming more powerful every day and have been training harder than ever recently. I wore my chestnut hair down and it gently rested on my shoulders, which had become significantly darker from the sun. I was wearing a purple chiffon, mid-length, dress with gentle ruffles. It was perfect for the hot, summer weather outside, though not completely my style. I always preferred something with more attitude. My face was bright and my cheekbones were more defined than usual, probably thanks to the excessive amount of cold water, I poured on my face earlier, to wake up. My emerald green eyes were sparkling in the sunlight. I was taking some deep breaths, when someone swung open the door. I jumped and my heart skipped a beat. “What are you still doing here!?”. Silence. “Come ooonn, let’s go, you’re going to do just fine! You always do,”. It was Lex. Lex Swiftshot, my best friend. Lex was an Elemental Guardian, which meant she had power over the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. Lex was most comfortable with the earth element, which meant she could grow plants anywhere she wanted in seconds, or make a wall of thorns to protect herself if needed. The dangers she faced didn’t stop her from looking gorgeous though. She was wearing a beautiful, yellow sundress that showed off her stunning figure. Her blonde hair was tied up in a loose bun, with strands falling out, framing her slim face. Her blue eyes were twinkling in the sun. She was standing at the door, smiling, which showed off her dimples. Lex and her parents were pretty much my only family right now. She has been a constant companion since we were babies and she helped me get through all the difficult times. Another person that had really helped me in the past was a guy named Zander Grey. Zander was a Shadow Guardian, which meant he could manipulate darkness and create shadows. His abilities were compatible with mine, which meant by working together we could be really powerful. He was like my missing puzzle piece. He and I were always really close and right before my parents passed away, we started dating. We really loved each other. He made me feel special and I’d never felt so strongly about anyone before. After my parents died and their responsibilities became my burden to carry, he didn’t let me shut myself off from everything. He was my shoulder to cry on and he stayed with me, even when I was being terribly moody. Him and Lex really helped me through it all. 

Sadly, one day, he came to my room and said he had to leave. He said “it was for my own good” and “he was doing it because he loved me”. I didn’t believe that though. I begged him to stay, but he left and I haven’t heard from him since. I am still incredibly angry at him, but I miss him terribly too. After Zander left, Lex was left to take care of me all alone again. That is why I love her. She is so optimistic and helped me to see the positives in all the adversity I’ve faced.. Honestly, I think Lex would be a better Queen than me. She is so confident, charismatic and not as emotional as me. She would make the perfect leader. “I’m so nervous Lex,” I sighed. “How am I going to tell them? How am I going to tell everyone that a war is starting” I whispered in a shaky voice. “Kendra,” Lex reassured me. “These people look up to you. You are an  inspiration. You just need to believe in yourself. This situation isn’t your fault. We all knew the Creators were going to attack, sooner or later. Now your job is to tell everyone. You were born for this. You will do great.” she said. I really hope so, I thought.

Lex took my hand, and we walked down big marble stairs, into a huge, dimly lit ballroom. The window frames were made of gold and the floor was so polished, you could see your reflection in it. It was filled with Guardian aristocracy and other important people. My knees were shaking and my heart was beating faster and faster every time I took a step. How was I going to tell everyone we were technically under attack? As if she read my mind, Lex said, “You’re going to be okay,” before leaving to join her family on the dancefloor.

I stepped up onto the platform and took my place on the throne, still trembling. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Everyone except me. In front of me, there were creatures of all sorts, young and old. I spotted Vlad, the King of Vampires, chatting with some aristocratic Guardian, whose back was to me. Everyone was drinking, eating and having a great time, swaying to the calm melody of music, played by the Sprites. I picked up my champagne glass and tapped it with a teaspoon from the table next to me. “Good evening, I hope you are all well. I know this event is very sudden but I had to share this with you.” I said in a loud voice, but not sounding as confident as I wanted to. “I hate to say this, but we have been atta- AHHHHH!!” That was all I managed to say, before all the widows in the room shattered, making a loud, crashing sound, causing everyone to fall to the ground, covering their heads. Everyone, except the few Elemental Guardians who were able to create barriers around themselves. I dropped to the floor, shielding my head. After a couple seconds, I was certain I was unhurt. I got back up on my feet, and tried to summon my light, to brighten up the room. I focused on the energy that was growing inside of me, trying to picture a ball of light rolling from my core into my fingertips, but before I could release the light, a blow to  the back of the head sent me crumbling to the floor.

I woke up.. I was crammed in a corner somewhere, with the back of my head still pulsing . It was pitch black, so dark I actually thought my eyes were still closed. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I tried to figure out where I was., I guessed I was in a moving vehicle from the motion. I focused on the energy inside me and tried to light up my enclosure. I closed my eyes, and felt the energy trickle from my fingertips and out, into whatever vehicle I was in. When I opened my eyes, my heart stopped. A guy sat in the other corner of the van. His raven black, curly hair felt loosely on his face and when I looked at him, his expression softened. His hazel eyes looked right into mine, taking my breath away. Zander Grey. Forgetting what I had just been through, I jumped up, but immediately stumbled down. Of course, Zander was fast, and caught me before I fell. He was looking down into my eyes and without thinking I gave him a big, tight hug. I hadn’t seen him for so long, and I really missed him. I thought he missed me too, but about two seconds into my embrace, his whole body stiffened. I stepped back to look into his face. “Aren’t you happy to see me? After all this time?” I asked in a calm voice, trying not to let my emotions take over. “I am… it’s just that…” he looked hurt and sad. “What is it?” I asked. “You know, whatever it is, I’ll help you get through it. I never stopped believing in us,” I said, hoping, he would explain why he had been gone for the past six months. “It’s.. It’s the Creators” he said in a shaky voice. 

The Creators, were a group of Guardians, who rebelled against my family and the way things were done. They believed there should be no rules, and that all creatures should be free to do whatever they wanted. They believed creatures should have free will, even if that meant they killed  humans. That is why they were called the Creators. They wanted to create new rules. They were the ones who started the war I was going to talk about at the ball. Now it occurred to me that they had abducted me. “The Creators? What about them?” I asked eagerly. “Are they the ones who took you from me? I swear, if the man driving this thing is a Creator, I will blow this vehicle up-”. “Kendra.” interrupted Zander. I could hear the regret and disappointment in his voice. “My mother is in the Creators.” I paused. “She is their leader actually. She forced me to join her. She said if I didn’t, she would hurt you. I didn’t want to risk anything, so I left,” he continued. “I wasn’t allowed to tell you anything, because I knew you would have tried to stop me, but it was the only way. Yes, the attack was staged by the Creators. They came to get you, and they want to execute you.” I couldn’t believe it. My vision went blurry. After all the hard work and pain I’ve been through, I was just going to die? No way, I thought. My blood started boiling. “Why are you telling me this!? Why don’t you just go back to your mother and watch me die?” Zander looked deep into my eyes. “I’m here to rescue you! After I did all this to keep you safe, do you think I would just let you die?” Just as those words left his mouth, the doors of the van we were in, swung open, violently. “Get out, Princess

Someone grabbed my arm, and pulled me out of the van. Roughly I was in a dark, cold cave, gloomy and damp.  “I will take it from here, Claudius,” ordered Zander. He took my arm, making sure to be more gentle then Claudius. Zander bent down and whispered softly into my ear. “I am here to save you,”. “Why should I trust you?” I asked, with fear slowly starting to take over my body. “I am your only hope right now. Plus, Lex is in the crowd,” he answered patiently. As he said that, I realised we weren’t alone. The cave was filled with approximately twenty-five Rebel Guardians. I also noticed that we were walking on a sort of runway, heading towards Megan Grey, Zander’s mother. I started looking around the cave frantically, and spotted Lex in the crowd. No, no, no! This is too dangerous I thought. My head started to spin. Lex was looking at me with a soft smile on her face, as if she was trying to say, It will be okay. I looked back at her. I wanted to scream and tell her to get out before it was too late, but the lump in my throat was too big. Zander and I reached the top of the runway, where Megan was sitting comfortably, on a big, red velvet chair. Her long, wavy, raven black hair was up in a tight, high, ponytail, which showed off her defined cheekbones and sharp chin. Her grey-blue eyes were staring down at me, with a soul-crushing look. She was wearing a tight, black leather suit that made her look like Catwoman. Zander left my side, to go and stand behind her. He told me to kneel, in a harsh voice but with an apologetic look. “Well, well, well. Who do we have here?” Megan said in a loud, mocking voice. For some reason, the crowd giggled quietly. “We are all gathered here today, to witness the execution of Kendra Wansil, the Queen of Guardians.” I started panicking. I didn’t want to die, not like this! “Your execution will be a signal to all the Guardians out there. Well, I won’t delay, Goodbye, Kendra.” Megan drew a sword from her belt and as she was bringing it over her head slowly, to build momentum, Zander mouthed the word NOW! He jumped on top of me, pushing me out of the way. We stumbled back. The shocked look on Megan’s face, almost made me laugh. All the guardians, stormed towards us. I noticed Lex breaking through, trying to reach us. Zander wand Lex created a barrier between ourselves and the Creators, using their powers. At the same time, I focused on my light energy, getting it to travel from my solar plexus to my fingertips. I made a big ball of light and threw it at Megan, pushing her over. Then I helped Lex and Zander to fight off the Guardians. Our goal wasn’t to kill anyone, but to escape safely. As we were fighting, I turned to Lex. “You shouldn’t have come!” I shouted, dodging a trail of icicles, thrown at me by an Elemental Guardian. “Girl, you know I‘ve always got your back! No matter what! I couldn’t just let them take you from me! UGH-” Lex grunted as she was answering me, because of a shadow punch, cast by a Shadow Guardian. “It’s too dangerous here!” I screamed, desperately trying to find a way out of the cave, while trying to maintain my light energy As a small opportunity opened for us to escape, the unimaginable happened. Time seemed to slow down. I looked to my right and I saw Megan, throwing a beam of shadow and darkness at me. There wasn’t enough time for me to react. Lex turned her head, and before I could stop her, she jumped in front of me. “NOO!!” I screamed, and fell to the floor. Tears streamed down my face. Lex’s lifeless body was lying on the floor. She turned towards me and uttered her last words. “Don’t doubt yourself. You are strong enough…”Her eyelids closed gently as she let out her last breath. “NO! Lex wake up! Don’t do this!” I shrieked The only family I had left was gone. I felt a pair of arms grab me from the behind, tugging me up. “Kendra, come on! We have to go, NOW!” Zander pleaded. “The Guardians are unconscious, but I don’t know how long it will last.” “She’s dead Zander! I can’t do this anymore,” I wailed. Zander threw me into his arms, and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. “We need to go, Lex died for you and now, you need to live for her.” He put me into the van, and ran back to the cavern to retrieve Lex’s body. Tears were still streaming down my face, but only one thing was going through my mind. I will get my revenge, no matter what it takes.



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