The Colours of Love

Blathnaid Nic Chormaic

Fantasy, Prose

Gaelcholáiste Reachrann

















In an alternate universe, the world is seen in black and white, but when you meet your
soulmate, or Colour, the world becomes colourful.

Peggy Moore sat on her floral bedsheets. She had been crying for days. A few years ago,
Peggy had met the best person you could imagine. She was beautiful, happy, kind, and she
completed her. A few days ago, Dahlia had been driving home from her grandparents’ house
when a truck sped around a corner and collided head-on. That was when the colour faded.
Before Dahlia, the world was black and white, but when she met her, she could suddenly see
the colour of everything. Peggy could see her own chocolatey skin and the colour of her
brown eyes as they shone with happiness when her Colour was around. But when Dahlia
died, everything was colourless again.
Peggy’s younger brother, Philip, knocked on her bedroom door. When Peggy told him to
come in, he entered sheepishly.
“Sis, I know you’re really upset about Dahlia, but there’s someone I want you to meet,” he
said apprehensively.
“Look, Philly, I know you’re just trying to help but-”
“Please, Peggy, give him a chance.”
Peggy sighed, defeated. “Fine. Let him in.”
A tall, messy-haired boy walked awkwardly into the room. He looked… grey. Greyer than
the rest of the world. Peggy herself was in a state. Her hair was tangled and she had mascara
tear-tracks running down her face.
“H-hi,” he stuttered, “I’m Phoenix.” He waved at her.

Peggy thought he looked a bit dopey, but she was immediately comforted by the sight of the
boy. She smiled warmly and genuinely for the first time in days. And besides, anyone with a
name as cool as Phoenix deserved to be listened to.
“I’m Margaret, but most people call me Peggy. Not as interesting as Phoenix, I know.”
He looked at the ground and scuffed his shoes against the floor. “I heard what happened, and
I just want you to know that the colour will come back one day.” He smiled as if just doing so
would cause him pain.
Peggy smiled sadly.
“I’ll leave you to it,” Philip said and left, closing the door behind him. Thanks, Phil, Peggy
thought, this is going to be so awkward.
“Can I, uh, sit down?” Phoenix asked. Peggy snapped back into herself.
“Yeah, yeah of course,” she said, feeling herself blush, and patting the space beside her on
the bed. Phoenix sat down nervously, wringing his hands. Peggy looked at them, concerned.
“Where did you get those bruises?” she asked, quietly. Phoenix quickly covered his hands
with the sleeves of his jumper.
“I fell,” he said, turning away from Peggy.
“I know that excuse,” Peggy said in a hushed tone. “Someone is hurting you. I swear to God
if I find out who I will fight them.” She had only known this boy for five minutes, but if
anything else were to happen to him, she would riot.
“I don’t think you’d fight my parents.”
Peggy let out a soft gasp of surprise. “They didn’t, did they? I mean, they couldn’t!”

Phoenix just looked at the ground. A tear rolled down his nose and splashed onto the greyish
carpet. He was startled, to say the least, when Peggy attacked him in a hug.
“I’m sorry,” was all she said while holding him tight. When Phoenix recovered from the
initial shock of being hugged for the first time in years, he hugged Peggy back. And they sat
like that for a while, hugging each other, until Peggy asked, “Why?”
“They blame me for Bianca, my sister, dying. Dad pushed me into her beside the bay window
in our old house, and she fell two stories. There was no way she could have survived. The
paramedics said that her neck broke on impact.”
Peggy hugged him tighter. “I’m sorry. Even though I’m sure you’re sick of hearing those
empty words, I really am sorry.”
“She was my Colour. Every moment with her was bright and beautiful. She was more than
my sister; she was my best friend.”
“I understand. Even though our relationships with our Colours were different, they were
basically the same.” She stopped hugging him and rested her cheek on his shoulder. “We
both loved them with all our hearts. We would both do anything for them. I would trade
places with her if I could.”
Phoenix nodded. “So would I.”
“But that isn’t what Dahlia would have wanted. She would have wanted me to keep going, to
live my life, and to remember her as best I can. And I think Bianca would have wanted you to
do the same.”
Phoenix looked at Peggy with watering eyes, and suddenly his eyebrows furrowed.
“You have brown eyes?”

She nodded, smiling slightly. “I do, Phoenix.”
“And your bedspread… it’s pink?”
Peggy nodded again. “Can you see the colour?”
He nodded, smiling slightly. “I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same way- you know what, I
should just go-” he stood up quickly, but Peggy grabbed his wrist.
“No, it’s okay. You can stay. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”
And though Peggy would never admit it, she saw the boy’s green eyes clearer than if they had
been the only star on a dark night.

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