Catherine Jordan

School Closure Stories

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Here is how men will sell you war
they sell it quick and slick and not a lick of grime
it is in the television sheen and on IMAX screens
and it is written on their teeth and so sublime

here is how teeth can sell you war
so strong and shining like picket fences above and below
no man could do bad deeds and have teeth like that
trade white lines for bombs and white graves in a row

here is how those graves are remembered
they are necessary deaths, dolls knocked down in the pursuit of victory
two hundred twenty-two thousand in ‘Nam – say that out loud
pronounce victory, pronounce Iraq. Afghanistan, not yet history

and here is Iran being sold as a product of war
The clock is ticking. The bomb is ticking over. the graves are not yet dug
but the screen is flickering and the teeth are clattering
they are tossing figures and lines and oratory speeches are being drug

the gavel hits wood. the product is sold. The war has begun – young, new, and yet age-old


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