Still, you waited

Kellie Cunningham 


Unschool Club

















You loved her, yet she felt not the same.

Still, you waited.

You waited for her to be ready;

Ready to love herself,

Ready to appreciate the love you have to give to her.


Through sleepless nights, stressful days,

Still, you waited for her.

You waited for those ocean blue eyes to stare into yours,

Whisper those three words that you longed to hear,

Yet, she couldn’t.


She would never allow herself to be hurt again,

For it was her heart that took the hit,

Her heart that broke in half the day he left.

He promised not to hurt her,

Yet the night he left he forgot his promise,

Or so she tells herself.


Unsure of what broke her she lay awake.

Do actions speak louder than words?

His promise a mere sentence in his controlled mind?


The truth being he never loved her,

She was just another girl to him.

He wouldn’t lie awake at night,

Lose sleep like she would.


He wouldn’t be forced to build his walls higher,

Force people out.

He would simply move on.


And she, well, she would remain too blind from heartbreak to realise that the boy who waited would always be waiting for her to be ready; ready to love herself  and ready to appreciate the love he has to give to her.


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