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It was late Saturday night and I was playing a new game that was just released with my friends on an online stream. We were all having a giggle when I started playing extremely well. After the game ended, I said I was off to bed, so I shut down my PC and turned off my monitor. I kept streaming for my fifty or sixty viewers and the following week when I checked my phone after getting a message, it was from a gaming organization called Ghost Gaming. Reading it out live on stream I suddenly froze. It said, “We have seen your clips on Instagram and we would like to sign you to our new team for the game just released, Valorant. If you would like to join, message us and we can set up a meeting. Thanks, Ghost Gaming.” I signed the contract and asked, “When’s our first tournament?” The owner said, “The Valorant World Cup in two weeks.”

I got back home, and I turned on my PC for my first training session with my new teammates. We played for five hours before all going offline. I guess time flew because I checked my PC and it was only a week away from the tournament. For the next four days we trained constantly for hours. It had all passed so quickly and before I knew it, I was flying out from the airport to New York. On the plane I watched a movie before I dozed off. Suddenly there was a thump and I heard the pilot on the intercom saying, “Welcome to New York.” We had fifty-four hours before the tournament, so I decided to check into my hotel and go see Times Square.

The morning of the tournament I woke up at 8 o’clock, got dressed and when downstairs for breakfast at the hotel dining room. I ate my fry and was then on my way to the arena where we were playing. We practiced for an hour and then went to our dressing room where our coach gave us a speech. Before we went out to the thousands of people in the crowd, I had a weird feeling in my stomach that I had never felt before. I calmed myself down and we then walked out in front of all the fans. We took our seats and began the game that was first to win thirteen rounds. We quickly went down 3-0 but managed to scramble back to 3-3. The next ten minutes would be the most important, our coach said in the dressing room, and he was right. Us and our opponents went up and down when we won a round, then they won a round and before I knew it was 12-12, whoever wins this round wins the championship. My hands were sweaty, and all my teammates had died and had left me in a 1v5. I quickly took down two of them. Suddenly, one turned the corner and I killed him with another person who had also turned behind him. I had twenty-five health and the last opponent had a hundred. He turned the corner and I flicked my mouse quickly and shot him. I had done it! I had just won Ghost Gaming the Valorant World Cup! We all lifted the trophy together and it was the best feeling ever. We celebrated into the night and this was the start of my very successful gaming career.

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