Quietness, A Widow

Róisín Finnegan


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A boy falls in love with quietness
‘I see myself in you’ he says
‘And that is love, souls recognition’
Quietness replies;
‘Go find a better lake; I am not your Echo”

Time passes and he returns
‘I am not of the right design’ he says
‘For their world of light and noise’
A bored Quietness replies;
‘When in chaos you are chaos; go home and swaddle yourself in memory, there you will be warm’

Nothing changes, and he comes back
‘Life is unhappy with me’ he says
‘It curls up outside my doorway like a cat over a hot pipe, but it never visits anymore’
Quietness says;
‘You hate her pictures and call them dull; of course she will cry when she sees you’

He plays a tiresome board game with age but returns again
‘I’ve been seeing you more often’ he murmurs
‘You know I think you have made a home of the space just above my heart. Might this mean you
love me?”
Quietness says softly;
‘I hate how this ends, but in leaving you by nature I’d only draw you closer’

The grey day dawns cold, with light tired from standing so long
‘I have loved you always, and I knew it would be so’ he says
‘Might you hold me since you know what happens?”
The Quietness remains so.
So answered, the boy falls into sleep
Quietness, a widow, mourns between the words he left.

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