My School Day


Write to Right – Fiction

Gorey Community School

















It all started to go wrong at breakfast when my mother didn’t cook my eggs sunny side up and I ended up burning my toast. 

I yelled at my mother, “That’s why I always go to Starbucks before school!”

My father walked in with my boiling cup of coffee. I took a sip of it and I couldn’t taste the second shot of espresso. That really pushed me over the line because I always get a latte with two shots of espresso before school. 

I got up from my chair and I stormed up my stairs. It was so loud that it sounded like Bigfoot jumping up and down. I got my bag and I was all ready to leave for school until I heard the horrifying news that I had to actually walk to school, like actually using my two legs to transport to school. Imagine. 

If anyone saw me walking to school, it would be embarrassing and ruin my reputation in school. I will be called ‘them people’!!! It is also such a far walk to school, like it’s a whole block, which is approximately a thousand meters away from home, but luckily there is a Starbucks down the street from my house. 


It was the first day of school after summer holidays.  I am so happy to be a sophomore this year and not a little annoying freshman. On my walk to school, I noticed Kenny’s car driving towards the school. He is the best looking guy in the school. He plays basketball and football and he is also a five star recruit – so pretty much anyone  who would be his girlfriend will be very popular in the future, since he will definitely become a professional. I got a shock when some pink car from behind beeped at me. I looked over and it was Kate. 


“Hop in, Sis, I see you need a lift,” she said. I felt relieved since I had one of the worst mornings I could have had.


When we arrived at school, Kate and I walked over to the ‘Sisters Bands’ which is what my friend group call ourselves.  We are all part of the cheerleading team for basketball and football, just so we could see Kenny play. I hope he notices us and falls in love.  


My first class was Social Studies, which I fell on the way into. I heard everyone snickering, whispering and laughing at me. The embarrassment of the world was on me. I was lying there on my ass when I noticed a big broad shadow over me. I was about to scream, “Who’s in my spot!” when I noticed it was Kenny. I took advantage of it and pretended that I had twisted my ankle. Kenny helped me up, lifting me like a feather, He said it could be a little sprain. He brought me to the school nurse in his arms like I was a princess of a castle.

Later that day one of the girls made fun of me and started spreading rumours that I’m ‘them people,’ even though I’m not. As I walked past the lockers at the end of the school, everyone was making fun and jeering. I burst out in tears and ran down the road to get some of my beloved Starbucks.

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