Love and heartbreak
in Dublin City

Kerry O’Sullivan

Poetry, Irish Perspectives

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My first love
Was the winding cobbled streets
And shouts in the summer time
Proclaiming of pots filled with strawberries
Lined up for slaughter
With teeth stained by tea
Three for a euro

My first love
Was the ornate black lampposts
Reflected in the rain filled footpaths
And the splash of feet running fast
As their bus trundles past
And I look out the top window
And watch them with a hood up

My first love
Was the brown, ochre leaves
Lining the streets
And the walk through Stephen’s green
Becoming nothing more than a symphony
Of death and nature and the old man
That sleeps on the bench
Naming the tamed pigeons
His family

My first heartbreak
Was the railing lined with
Petrol station flowers
And each news report filled
with blood
the curves and corners
they talk about
so different
from the ones that made me

My first heartbreak was
watching the streets
become more than home to me
but a house to someone else
and children with bare feet clutching
paper cups dissolving in the rain


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