Kellie Cunningham

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Such delicate hands,

A gentle touch,

A warm heart,

A kind soul.


You bring us hope when all hope seems lost,

A sunflower in a field of daisies,

The light at the end of the tunnel,

There for us when we can’t even be there for ourselves.


You show no fear, although fear follows us like a shadow.

You stand tall, taller than even the highest mountains.

Your every move is precise.


Thoughts of brighter days fill your head on the journey to work.

We cling to hope like wet clothes to skin,

Applauding your work, your skill,

Praying for you and your kin.


We praise your every move,

While we stay at home, doing the best we can do

You are a hero,


You are far more than that.


We appreciate you,

All the hard work that you do,

Your dedication,

Your passion.


We praise you.

We thank you.


This poem is dedicated to nurses, doctors, carers and all other frontline workers during this global pandemic. Thank you.

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