Ciara K

Write to Right – Playwriting

Coláiste Cholm, Cork

Written in Autumn 2020


















EMMA and JADE are sitting in JADE’s room on her bed, JADE is sitting on her phone while EMMA watches JADE’s phone too .

JADE: Oh my god, this is so funny. 

JADE is laughing hysterically while EMMA stays quiet.

EMMA: I don’t see how that’s funny. It’s just people getting hurt.

A Snapchat notification pops up on JADE’S  phone 

EMMA: Who’s that?

JADE: Abbey.

EMMA: Abbey who? 

JADE: Abbey Johnson.

EMMA: ABBEY JOHNSON! Do you not remember what she did?!

JADE: Oh, not really, she texted me. I don’t talk to her. 

EMMA: Oh yeah? Is that why it says “you replied”? 

JADE: It’s not like I’m friends with her. 

EMMA: Jade, she ruined my life! I nearly lost my best friends, including you, over what she did. JADE: Emma, that’s a bit dramatic. She didn’t do that. 

EMMA: YES SHE DID –  and you’re too stupid to see it!

Jade looks down at her feet.

JADE: Get out. 

EMMA: What ? 


EMMA: Wow, even after all we’ve been through, you still can’t handle the truth.

 JADE: She did nothing to you!

EMMA: Jade, stop standing up for her. I’m sick of you always taking other people’s sides when you know I’m right. 

JADE: Emma, I said get out. 

EMMA: Do I really need to explain what she did to me again? 

JADE: Emma, get out of my house right now.


Emma picks up her stuff and gives Jade a look of sadness before she runs out the bedroom door in tears. Emma sits outside Jade’s house waiting for her mum to pick her up. Emma is sitting on the footpath crying and her mum pulls up, looking worried. 


EMMA’s MUM: Emma, baby what’s wrong? Are you okay?!

EMMA: Jade told me to get out. 

EMMA explains to her mum what happened on the way home. The next day, EMMA goes into school with no one to talk to after what happened. She sees JADE at her locker with ABBEY. They look at each other after looking at EMMA and laugh.

JADE: Oh my god, look at the state of her. 

ABBEY (laughs). ! I know, yeah!. I can’t believe she actually came in.

ABBEY and JADE laugh and walk to class together while EMMA is at her locker trying to ignore them and get her books. The bell rings and EMMA runs to class, as she is running ABBEY trips. 

EMMA and all of her books fall onto the floor along with her JADE laughs and they walk back into their class.

TEACHER A: Emma, are you okay? What happened? 

EMMA is brought to the office where her mum is called and she explains everything to the teachers and her mum.

JADE: Why is she such a baby? Like, I just don’t understand it.

ABBEY: I know, yeah.  She’d really want to cop on.

The next day in school JADE and ABBEY are called out of class by the PRINCIPAL to talk about what they’ve been doing to EMMA.  After that the two girls see EMMA in the hall at lunch and walk over to her.

JADE: Why did you rat?

ABBEY: You’re actually pathetic. 

EMMA: Leave me alone.  Ye did this to yourselves. 

JADE pushes EMMA up against the lockers and holds her there.  ABBEY hits EMMA over and over until she falls on the floor. 

JADE: Quick, a teacher’s coming! 

JADE and ABBEY run the opposite direction while the teacher runs to EMMA, who is on the floor crying. TEACHER A and TEACHER B approach.

TEACHER B: Emma, Emma are you okay?!

Emma stays quiet as TEACHER A helps her up. 


End Scene


(EMMA and JADE become friends with other people after they had realised how toxic their relationship had become. EMMA has friends that are constantly sticking up for her. JADE still has Abbey as her friend but they have an extremely toxic relationship)

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