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It’s February 2020, 

and life runs normal here.

There are people at work, planes in the sky,

students at school, many cars go by.

There’ve been rumours of a new virus,

but it’s nowhere near us.

Why should we worry?

There’s no reason to fuss.


It’s the beginning of March, 

and the daffodils are out.

People still work, planes still fly,

students are learning, cars go by.

Word is swiftly spreading

that the virus is here,

but nothing has been confirmed.

There’s no need to fear.


It’s the middle of March, 

and life seems fake.

Less people work, less planes in the sky, 

schools are shutting down, some cars go by.

There have been cases confirmed, not that far away, 

but stay at home, 

and you should be ok.


It’s the start of April, 

and life has been halted.

Workers are at home, planes have been grounded,

schools are now empty, few cars go by.

The number of cases seems to rise by the day.

All we can do is stay home and pray.


It’s the last day of April, 

and the air seems clearer.

People work from home, planes are unmoving,

nurses, doctors and carers are working tirelessly hard.

Some say that it’s reaching its peak,

and that we’ll have to stay home for another few weeks.

But all we can do is be hopeful and pray, 

that the end of this virus is not far away.


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