Battle in the Urals

Declan Cosson

Science Fiction, Prose

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The thundering noise of the battle that was now going on in the Ural mountains could be heard all as far as London as the Kirov, the largest battle cruiser ever built was now assaulting the robotic missile silos facilities that stretched the plains that were east of the Ural mountains. The enormous behemoth showed very clearly why battlecruisers were known as flying fortresses as it slowly just bashed through the fortifications of the Ural defences, battering them down with it’s enormous guns while hails of flares fired from its hull so hails of missiles fired from the SAM emplacements were disoriented by the flares, allowing the miniguns on the cruiser to shred them up. Seeing the menacing shadow of the Kirov, the machines launched a missile from one of their silos which led the Kirov to fire one of its own missiles. While this missile was massive, as it zeroed towards the target, it split up into smaller missiles till which then battered into the enemy missile, bringing it down.

Any human army that was facing this monster would have broken down and surrendered, but that wasn’t programmed into robots, human emotions weren’t programmed into bots. However one of the only robotic weapons that could have destroyed the Kirov was the Black Mouth, which they already lost in a previous battle. For now, they were at the mercy of men. The Kirov was now being backed by two other battlecruisers, the Tungsten and then the Valliance were also now carpet bombing the Urals. Since no living vertebrate lived in this region, they were free and authorised to just unleash their full weapons capacity.

However, the ordnance of the battlecruisers was not enough to tear through the fortress of the strongest bunkers which seemed to be made of a very thick concrete. Noticing this, the captain of the Kirov signalled to the other battle cruisers to halt. He realised that the only way they could truly take out the machine base and the toughest and most dangerous silos was to deploy ground based forces, especially infantry…and that was going to be very difficult to do. Nevertheless, the order was given to clear a path for the deployments.

Moments later, hails of carpet bombs were dropped on machine industrial zones. And then the dropships were to be deployed.

Zach’s heart pumped rapidly as he sat down alongside his comrades, fitting on his respiratory equipment. Sweat trickled down on his forehead, his whole body was soaked with sweat, the heat of being in that heavy armour. Suddenly cargo bay of the dropship flashed blood red, which was a signal to the men that it was time to stand up. They had their weaponry slung over their shoulders as they stood up. Their hearts thumped as they heard the battle going on outside and the sound of explosions. When you were in the Legion, there was a chance that the dropship you came down on would not be the one you will come up on. The line of tanks that was in between the two lines of legionnaires activated their engines.

Suddenly the dropship touched down, the ramp of the cargo bay came down. The sun gleamed on the visors of the legionnaires their hearts pounded as they advanced out in their squads, out of the cargo bay of the dropship. Once the tanks had hurtled out, the dropship flew up into the sky, now the legionnaires were out of the warm safety of the cargo bay and into the heat of chaotic battle. This wasn’t your nice little rescue mission but a full chaotic battle. The Legionnaires scrambled across to get to cover behind rubble while the tanks formed a triangular formation to advance in. Three fighters, deployed from one of the battlecruisers swooped down above the battlefield before they swooped up to join the rest of the fleet in a merciless air battle against an oncoming fleet of drones and robotic
battlecruisers. As they advanced towards the bunker, the Valliance was kind enough to provide some covering fire with its armour piercing miniguns so that Legionnaires could have a slightly easier job in advancing. That didn’t stop a lot of men from dying in pain as machine gun fire chopped them down. Zach panted heavily as he looked up to see many troopers, who seemed to be new meats like he once was, getting cut down. Having enough of seeing the slaughter, Zach raised the launcher he had in his hands and fired a missile that would split into much smaller missiles but thanks to nanotechnology, they had the same destructive firepower and destroyed the machine gun emplacement that was pinning down that unit who was trying to advance.

However, the machines had closed the door to the bunker. These doors were made of adamantium, the same material the black mouth which could not be destroyed by ordnance. However, Zach had his own idea…to try to climb into bunker, through the place that the emplacement once was in. From there, they could find the controls to open the door. He then turned to Dermot and asked

“Dermot, you are going to need to keep me cover..can I trust you to do that?”

“And what are you planning to do?”

“To climb into the bunker and find a way to open that door. Otherwise, the assaults against the bunker are just going to be pointless carnages. We must do everything to avoid pointless stalemates that results in high amounts of deaths!!”

Hearing this, the rest of the squad asked

“Wait, what??”

“I know, it’s mad, but this battle could go south very quickly if we try to just send wave after wave against the bunker..relax guys, wait here, I can do this!!”

Zach began to rush down but Vincent followed and asked

“What, you think you are just going to do this on your own?”

“Trust me, Vincent I can handle this….”

“You are not going alone, Harker…who you do think you are, Zach?? Wolverine? Come on,

Zach, we are not waiting this fight out!!” Soon the rest of the team followed Zach as they scrambled down from their position towards the bunker.

Looking up at the bunker, Michael asked Zach

“You have taught this out right?”

“Yeah, we get our grappling hooks and grapple onto the top of the bunker’s wall, from there we can climb up into the bunker, after that, it will be an uphill battle to find the control room of the bunker.”

“Good Lord.”

“Well, sir, you are our commander, do you have any better ideas?”

The rest of the team looked at each other but then went down into the bunker. Meanwhile holding outside of the bunker was a massive regiment of Legionnaires from the Valliance who seemed to be waiting for the gates to open so that they could repel the machine counter attack before quickly storming the bunker before the gate has a chance to close again. Meanwhile the team was about to climb when the commander of the troops outside the
bunker went up and asked,

“Wait, Michael, what are you doing?”

“Might I ask the same question?”

“Michael, our scanners detected a large machine presence in the bunker, they must be massing for a counterattack…during this counterattack they will open the doors. Once they are repelled we can try to get in before they have a chance of opening the gate.”

“I wouldn’t try that commander, the probability of success on that level is based too much on luck…one small error could cause the whole thing to shit itself!!”

“Well do you have any other ideas??”

“Look, with grapples we can climb the walls of the bunker and get in that way!! Our squad will do that. Then we will find the control panel to open the gates. However take caution and don’t just storm the gates at first chance.”

Before the commander could respond, Michael fired up his grapple which then anchored onto the wall of the bunker. The rest of the team had already done that and were climbing the wall. Once they got in, the machines came out onto the platform of the bunker which they had just climbed onto and took them on. What ensued was a quick but vicious firefight as the team cut down the machines. Meanwhile outside the bunker, some of the troops went up and began to climb the walls themselves. Seeing this, the commander then asked

“Hey, Jan, Shmuel, Lucian!! Where do you think you boys are going??”

“To follow “Team Orca” Commander!! We didn’t go through training just to have a sieste outside a bunker!!”

“Fools, they are professionals, they know what they are doing…you are recruits, patriotism to Terra won’t protect you, Get down from there!!!”

But having seen Team Orca climb the walls and take on the machines, the boys couldn’t hold their excitement back and began to climb up in huge numbers using their own grappling hooks so as to join the fight. Seeing this, the commander quickly blessed himself and grabbed onto one of the ropes to climb while saying

“Fuck this, I may be rich but I’m not a soft 18th century aristocrat!! Forward!!”

As the men advanced forward to fight. Seeing the sudden top up of men coming in, Dermot remarked to Zach
“Well Zach, it seemed everybody liked your idea!!”

“That’s because it has a higher chance of working!!”

Having the extra numbers was a great help to the team but it drew a majority of the garrison away from them, allowing them to raid the control room with little difficulty.

Meanwhile outside the bunker, the dropships of the Kirov were deploying huge numbers of Legionnaires, clad in the best armour that Terra could offer, and geared with the toughest and heaviest weapons. The Legionnaires of the Kirov were hardened veterans, some still alive since WW3. They had a training program that would make the Spetsnaz training program look like playschool.

Suddenly as they deployed, the gate of the bunker was suddenly lifting as the squad had managed to successfully infiltrate the control room and open the gates. Seeing this, the Legionnaires of the Kirov let out a deep set of roars as they charged towards the bunker and quickly stormed it. They went down into the network of missile silos very
quickly and joined the rest of the army that had made it in to advance through the corridors of the network of bunkers in the place. The battle raged on and on, taking several days before the plains beyond the Ural mountains were reclaimed. Zach’s actions were only one of countless brave efforts of legionnaires to change the tide of battle and keep humanity alive a little longer.

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