A Teenager’s Life

Clíodhna Ní Dhonghaile

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Adults, you may judge a teenager’s personality, attitude or even looks,

It’s just their teenage life it’s not like the story books.

Some of us teenagers go out and have the time of our lives on a Saturday night,

Some are in a dark place yet want to see the light.

Some do what they want no matter the cost,

Others feel invisible and completely lost.

Some are not telling what they truly want to say,

A few are risking to tell their mums they are gay.

Some are so stressed they drink or they smoke,

A few fight with best friends over a stupid joke.

Plenty get bullied and lost their self-esteem,

A couple are in packs and work as a team.

Many are figuring out what gender they want to be,

Some are in pitch black trying to see.

Many are running about with their “one and only”,

Others want to be noticed because they’re so lonely.

Some cry for their relatives up above,

Some even think they are truly in love.

Loads are mentally insane in the head,

On the other hand, some are goody two shoes instead.

Some fail, some succeed,

And some cry out in need.

Plenty are cheeky with rolling eyes and chewing gum,

A few have blades to stop feeling numb.

Maybe all we need is a helping hand,

Or you to say you understand.

We have mental breakdowns here and there,

But we just want some-one to care.

Under our skin could be some-one broken,

And we are hiding and haven’t spoken.

A lot of us turn to friends, drugs, or maybe a knife,

We want help, not to be judged…

                                                          it’s a teenager’s life.

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