Analecta is an online anthology from Fighting Words which aims to showcase a range of creative writing from young (and not so young) writers in Ireland.

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Who are the writers?

Currently all of our contributors are members of one of the Fighting Words’ Write Clubs from around the country. We plan to extend this in future to invite submissions from young, and sometimes not so young, writers from all over the country.

What sort of writing are you seeking?

We welcome all forms of creative writing including:

– prose
– scripts
– graphic fiction
– short stories
– flash fiction

Abstracts from longer pieces, or proposals for serialisation, will also be considered. Stories, prose, and scripts should be less than 3000 words, flash fiction should be less than 1000 words, graphic fiction up to 10 pages, and poems no more than 40 lines. We are happy to read up to two submissions from each writer per issue. For full submission guidelines, check with your Write Club coordinator.

Can I contribute?

Submissions are currently only open to Write Club members. The next next round closes at 5pm on January 31st 2019. For full submission guidelines, check with your Write Club coordinator. If you wish to join Write Club, please see here to find the nearest Write Club to you.

What happens to submissions:

We read every submission and publish selected pieces in our online anthology. Unfortunately we can only publish a limited number of pieces from all work submitted. We endeavour to respond to every piece sent to us, but due to high volumes of submissions please be aware it can take a number of weeks to receive a response from an editor

There is no fee paid for work published. By submitting work to Analecta you grant us non-exclusive rights to reproduce your work (meaning: if we select your work we have permission to publish it, but you can also publish/submit it elsewhere if you choose). Should you wish a piece of your work removed from the site which you previously granted us permission to publish, we will be happy to remove it if you contact us.

Analecta is currently edited by Rosa Devine, Diego Albuck and Alex Herter.

Whats the story with the bookmarks?

Book marks are wonderful. They mark a point of return, a resting point on a journey, a moment of delight, or a point of particular interest. Every story contributed to this anthology deserves to be bookmarked, returned to, reread and shared.

The bookmarks we use are active, living bookmarks, borrowed from readers, writers and tutors. If you have a battered, much loved or long-serving bookmark, we are always looking for additional bookmark images for the site.

As we use images of bookmarks which belong to readers and live in books, we do have pictures of bookmarks which people have acquired from specific events or places (often bookshops). If you see a bookmark you designed, or which was published by your organisation, and you don’t want it used, please contact us and we’ll remove it immediately.

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